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Pink Dine Height Adjustable Cat Feeding Station

Dine Design Story

The Making of Dine: A Celebration of Feline Fine Dining

We understand what a happy mealtime means for your cats. That's why we created Dine, a handmade cat feeding station that goes beyond just function. It's designed with your whiskered companion's well-being and high expectations in mind.

Dine embraces sustainability with its eco-friendly Jesmonite construction. This water-based material is kind to the environment and creates a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any home. But style is just the beginning.

Dine by Kuba & Leia

A feast for Feline Senses:

We know mealtime is more than just fuel. It's an experience! The pre-feed dance to the post-meal nap.

Dine caters to your cat's natural instincts with:

  • Adjustable Height: Choose from four different heights to ensure your cat can comfortably reach their food, regardless of their size or age
  • Whisker-Friendly Bowls: Custom-made wide and shallow, these bowls prevent whisker fatigue, a common discomfort cats experience with narrow or deep dishes
  • Optimal Angled Design: The 15-degree tilt encourages natural eating positions, reducing strain and promoting good digestion


Arms of Steel

Dine by Kuba & Leia

Each one is handcrafted with love from high-quality steel. Imagine sleek, curved lines that complement your home's décor while keeping your kitty's food and water fresh and accessible. They're polished to a perfect shine, making cleaning a breeze (because we know you have better things to do than chase cat food crumbs!)

But the beauty goes beyond the surface! Special soft grips hold the bowls securely, preventing spills and protecting from clattering accidents (we all know how excited cats can get at mealtime!)

More than just a feeding station, it's a work of art! We partner with a talented sculptor to cast each piece, adding a touch of elegance to your home. It's a conversation starter and a reflection of your love for your feline companion.

Every detail matters, from the shape to the grips. We put our heart into each DINE bowl, ensuring it's functional, beautiful, and built to last. ✨ Invest in something special for your cat (and yourself!) that will bring joy to every mealtime. ️


To see what Dine pieces are currently available, check out our shop here



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