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Lady cuddling her cat

Nine Lives Guarantee

Hello, cat lovers. We create items that make your cats purr with pleasure and last a lifetime!

Our Products Come with a 'Nine Lives Guarantee' 

Our products are designed to be modular, so replacing parts is hassle-free if anything goes wrong. We'll promptly send you a replacement part, ensuring your item lasts longer.
"In a world where design obsolescence is the norm, we choose to stand out. We will not create products that are designed to fail after a certain period of time, burdening you with the need to constantly upgrade or replace them. Instead, our focus is on crafting durable, high-quality items that are built to last a lifetime." James Cudd, Kuba & Leia. 

We support 'reduce, reuse and recycle' principles.

This is all about minimising waste and maximising resources, so our products and materials stay in use as long as possible. Instead of replacing entire items, we offer to replace parts, keeping our products out of landfills and in your homes for generations to come. 

As a boutique business fueled by cat love, our mission is to create beautiful, useful products while leaving a minimal paw-print on the world. We're not just in it for profit; we reinvest in our people, partners, and customers worldwide. The future may be uncertain, but with you by our side, we're thrilled about the journey ahead. So, hop aboard—let's make the world a better place, one cat at a time!

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