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Bathroom Design Story

Bathroom Design Story

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Tray Design & Development Update

Bathroom Self Cleaning Litter Tray Prototype

Introducing Bathroom

Bathroom resembles a regular litter tray, creating a familiar and secure environment for your cat's toileting needs. It is self-cleaning, self-emptying and also weighs your cat accurately. It works with most clumping litters, maintaining a clean and hygienic space for your cat.

Key Features

At the heart of our design philosophy is simplicity, incorporating sustainable materials, thorough research on cat behaviour, and thoughtfully integrating technology where it enhances the experience.

The key benefits of Bathroom are:

It looks and feels like a normal litter tray.

A common challenge with current self-cleaning or automatic trays on the market is that their shape and design can feel alien to our cats. Big mechanical domes, small entrance ways or small internal cabin environments can stress our feline friends. So we have designed Bathroom to look and feel like a normal litter tray. It is spacious and airy and means there is no need for your cat to learn a new behaviour when using it.

It has a manual or automatic cleaning setting.

In manual mode you simply press a button each time you want to run a cleaning cycle. In automatic mode the cleaning cycle will run after your cat has left. You can set the delay for between one and seven minutes.

It has a ‘plow’ mode that allows you to fully empty all the litter in the tray.

Bathroom has been designed to minimise contact with litter. Especially litter that has been used and is contaminated. This is important to avoid risk of cross-contamination (such as toxoplasmosis in pregnant women). As such we have designed a drop down plow on the rake that sweeps all of the litter out of the tray and into the waste bag.

It weights your cat accurately to 50g

In spring 2022 the BVA asked vets belonging to its Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey panel to identify the three most pressing health and welfare issues they felt were affecting cats in the UK.

Obesity was the number one concern (43% of those surveyed cited this). Knowing the weight is a key market of feline health we have built in an accurate weighing capability.

Each corner foot of Bathroom has a hidden load cell sensor. These have two roles - to accurately weight your cat (plus or minus 50g) and also to identify whether the Bathroom is occupied.

It's quiet.

Never more than 60 decibels which is about the same noise level as having a conversation with another person in a normal sized room.

Designed for people with reduced mobility.

We think about inclusive design as much as we can. Bathroom has a removable lid, side panel and waste compartment. The rake is 'click and twist' and the plow can be attached in one single movement.

We want Bathroom to be as accessible as possible (and beautiful too) so as long as it is placed with sufficient space on either side it should be fully useable with one hand and accessible for wheelchair users.

It has a sealed waste compartment.

*Please note we are still in the final design and testing of this part so is subject to change.The waste is passed through an automatic flap that lifts, returns and seals. Underneath the flap is a fully attached plastic bag that will zip seal shut upon removal. The aim here is minimise the opportunity for bad odours to escape into your home.

It’s safe.

With an entry motion sensor and four weight sensors (sensitive to 50g). It’ll never run a cycle when your cat or any other object is in or near the LitterPod.

It works with most clumping litters.

Bathroom performs best with small grain clumping cat litter. The finer the litter the better it will perform. It will not work with pellet based litter and we're yet to test it on silica litters.

When will Bathroom be available to buy?

We are testing final prototypes and need to finalise some suppliers on parts - but expect to start offering pre-orders soon. Retail pricing is yet to be confirmed. If you'd like to be notified please sign up with us.


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