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BrushPod world's first catnip infused cat brush

Importance of Brushing Cats

Brushing Your Cat: From Fur-ocious to Purrfect with the BrushPod!

Let's face it, our feline friends can be a little, shall we say, particular about personal hygiene. While they spend hours meticulously self-grooming, the occasional human intervention can be met with arched backs and hissy disapproval.

But fear not, fellow cat guardians! Brushing your kitty isn't just about keeping your furniture fur-free (although, let's be honest, that's a pretty awesome perk too). It's about a whole lot more!

Benefits of Brushing your Cat:

Less Hairballs, More Happy: Regular brushing tackles loose fur before it gets ingested, leading to fewer of those dreaded hairball coughs and hacks. Think of it as a preventative meowdicine!

Skin Soother: Brushing distributes natural oils, keeping your cat’s coat healthy and promoting healthy blood circulation. It's like a mini spa day for them!

Bonding Time: Turning brushing into a gentle, positive experience strengthens the connection between you and your cat. Plus, who can resist those rumbling purrs of contentment?

Early Detection: Brushing allows you to inspect your cat's skin and fur for any bumps, parasites, or other potential issues. Catching things early is always better!

But what if your cat is the anti-cuddle champion, making brushing a battle?

Enter the BrushPod®, the world's first catnip-infused cat brush, exclusive to us here at Kuba & Leia!

This ingenious invention combines the allure of their favourite herb with the benefits of regular grooming. Imagine: your kitty, enticed by the irresistible scent, happily batting and rubbing against the brush, letting you groom them with ease. It's a win-win!

Check out Leia in the video below. She used to hate being brushed. Now she can’t get enough.


Here's what makes the BrushPod® purrfectly pawsome:

Catnip Bliss: The built-in catnip compartment releases enticing whiskerfuls of the good stuff, turning grooming time into playtime.

Gentle Yet Effective: Soft bristles remove loose fur and dander without irritating your cat's sensitive skin.

Ergonomic Design: The comfy grip makes brushing effortless and enjoyable for you too!

Stylish and Sustainable: Fully recyclable too!

Ready to turn brushing into a purrfect bonding experience? Head over to our shop to see your options. Get the Brush for £15 or for the full BrushPod® kit that comes with a laser toy and custom pair of claw clippers, yours for £25.

Watch your cat go from fur-ocious to feline fine with every stroke! So, what are you waiting for? Give your cat the gift of good grooming and a touch of catnip magic with the BrushPod. Happy brushing, and happy purrs!

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