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BrushPod® - Catnip Cat Brush Design Story


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It all started as a simple idea during the first lockdown. Our Finland based partners - Jari and Virpi - asked the simple question:

Would a brush with catnip in it be more fun for cats? 

We thought so! 🙀

We went from design, concept to manufacture in eight months.  

It was an important milestone for us and everyone involved because before Covid hit we were working at full pace on our self-cleaning litter tray (Bathroom).

This was (and still is) a much larger and significantly more complex project which had to be mothballed at that time (we're working on this at pace right now 😻 so check out the Bathroom Self Cleaning litter tray blog for the latest). 

So our little brush was an important validation for us. 

It proved we could work smart and hard to design a novel product from scratch. But this was only part of it. 

It had to be something cats and their owners loved. It needed to bring a little bit of joy and love.

We think the BrushPod® is a unique product for cats that transcends the bog standard cat brush. It offers a more engaging experience during our cherished moments with our cats.


Traditional cat brushes may get the job done, but they lack excitement and interaction that can enhance the bond between you and your cat. 

That's why we set out to design a brush that goes beyond the basics and brings joy and play to both you and your furry friend.

Cat playing with Catnip Cat Brush

Turn Brushing into Bonding Time

Brushing doesn't have to be a battle! With our comfortable brush, it can become a cherished part of your daily routine with your cat. 

They'll come to associate brushing with positive feelings of relaxation and love, making it a time you both can look forward to.

We know cats are naturally curious and playful creatures. That's why we've designed this brush with an innovative built-in catnip environment inside the head of the brush.

Catnip Cat Brush by Kuba & Leia

Gentle Care for a Healthy Coat

Keeping your cat's coat healthy and comfortable is important, but sometimes brushing can feel like a chore for both you and your feline friend. We understand that! 

That's why we've designed our brush with features that make grooming a positive experience for everyone involved.

Softness Matters: Unlike harsh combs or brushes that can scratch or irritate your cat's delicate skin, ours features incredibly soft, flexible bristles. These bristles gently remove loose fur and dander without causing any discomfort. You'll see less shedding around the house, and your cat will feel pampered – a win-win!

The Power of a Gentle Touch: More than just removing fur, the gentle massaging action of our brush can be incredibly soothing for your cat. It stimulates natural circulation, which can promote a healthy coat and a shiny, luxurious feel. The experience can be similar to a gentle petting session, promoting relaxation and creating a sense of calm for your feline friend.

For more information on why brushing cats is important for their health and wellbeing check out our blog about brushing

Cat Licking Paw

Keeping Claws Healthy for Happy Indoor Cats

Without access to rough outdoor surfaces that naturally wear down claws, indoor cats can experience overgrown claws. This can be uncomfortable for them, leading to issues like ingrown claws (as well as damage to carpets and furniture!)

That's why we've included a high-quality claw clipper with our brush. This allows you to easily trim your cat's claws during your regular brushing routine. Regular trimming promotes healthy claw growth and prevents potential discomfort or damage. Plus, incorporating claw care into your brushing sessions can create a positive association for your cat, making the process less stressful for everyone involved.

Cat with its claws out

Unleash the joy of playtime

And who can resist the allure of a laser pen? The brushPod® comes with a low power laser pen, allowing you to engage your cat in a fun game of chase. Watch as your cat pounces, leaps, and chases after the elusive laser beam, providing endless entertainment for both of you.

With our brush, you can turn every brushing session into a memorable experience filled with playfulness, bonding, and well-being. 

Say goodbye to dull grooming routines and hello to a new level of interaction with your beloved feline companion.

Experience the ultimate cat brush today and see the difference it can make in your cat's grooming routine and your special moments together.

Designed with love by the teams in the UK and Finland at Kuba & Leia. 😻